Metablog Intro

They say to never blog about blogging (metablogging), but it just feels weird to not have an inaugural post about this new shiny blog of mine.

It seems like yesterday Wordpress was released and everyone under the sun started using this new word, “blog”. Well, Wordpress was released in 2003, 13 whole years ago, and the word “blog” was apparently coined even earlier around 1999. A lot of blogging technologies have come and gone since then, but the new deal is Static Site Generators.

A Static Site Generator is fast, efficient with resources, and totally blows Wordpress out of the water for certain use cases. In my circumstance, it no longer made sense to house a gigantic Wordpress installation with a MySQL database for a measly site with roughly 3 static pages and a few blog posts. Then again, that was never really a use case for Wordpress, either, but I had no idea I wouldn’t be some prolific blogger shelling out 30 posts a month. Either way, a Static Site Generator was the perfect fit and Wordpress was not.

After spending 5 years of my life updating Wordpress every week and disabling “wp-login.php” during login attacks, I finally had enough. I read up about a “blog aware” static site generator called Jekyll and preemptively pulled the trigger. Thanks to Barry Clark and his Jekyll Now template, I was able to set up Jekyll with two mouse clicks. Nothing on my site was ready to be moved, but I didn’t care. I’m on Jekyll now. In order to create new posts I simply create a markdown file (.md) in a folder called “_posts” and bam!, new blog post.

While I ignored the rule about metablogging, I would never desecrate this sacred rule by spending more than 30 minutes on one.

This was simply an intro to get the ball rolling. I hope to write more technical posts in the future.

Written on September 13, 2016